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Privacy Policy

Our Company's basic policy on the handling of user personal information has been established accordingly as set forth below, and we always strive to implement the measures necessary to protect user personal information.

❚ 1.Definitions of Personal Information and Personal Data

  • "Personal information" refers to information related to a living person, which allows for the identification of an individual through the name, date of birth or other records included in the relevant information (Including information which can be easily compared to other information in order to identify an individual), as well as individual identification numbers.
  • "Personal data" refers to personal information which makes up personal information databases, and other collections of information containing personal information which are systematically structured to allow for easy searches which can be used to find specific personal information.

❚ 2.Personal Information Acquisition and Usage Purposes

  • Our Company dos not collect or utilize user personal information without notification or public disclosure of the usage purposes of said information. Further, Our Company shall not utilize user personal information in any way beyond the scope reasonably required to achieve the stated usage purposes.
  • The purposes for which Our Company shall utilize user personal information are as follows.
    • For the provision and/or sale of Our Company's products, catalogs, pamphlets, product samples, estimates, proposals, and drawings requested by users, for use of showrooms, and for the provision and/or sale of other services offered by Our Company
    • For the provision and/or implementation of after-sales service, maintenance, etc. for Our Company's products
    • For the provision of information on products and services offered by Our Company's affiliate companies and/or partner companies
    • For the provision of information on various events, campaigns, and seminars, and various other information
    • For the implementation of surveys related to the products and services offered by Our Company
    • In order to contact users in the event of an emergency
    • In order to respond to user inquiries, requests, etc.
    • For the management of entry and exit to Our Company facilities
    • For the execution of commercial talks, meetings and meetings with clients, as well as the conclusion of agreements, and execution of contracted work
    • For the provision of user personal information to third parties when necessary in order to achieve the usage purposes set forth in items ① through ⑨ above

❚ 3.Shared Usage

Our Company carries out shared usage of user personal data within the scopes defined below in order to achieve the user personal information usage purposes.

❚ 4. Provision to Third Parties

Our Company does not provide user personal information to third parties without the consent of the relevant user. However, this does not apply in the following circumstances.

  • When required by law
  • When required for the preservation of human life, wellbeing, or assets, and it is difficult or impossible to obtain user consent
  • When specifically required for the improvement of public health or the promotion of the healthy development of children, and it is difficult or impossible to obtain user consent
  • When required for cooperation and compliance with administrative work which is legally required or otherwise legally authorized by national authorities, local public authorities, or other parties commissioned by said authorities, and where obtaining the consent of the user may hinder or impede the execution of the relevant activities
  • When entrusting personal information within a reasonable scope to a subcontractor or other business with whom a confidentiality agreement or equivalent has been concluded in advance and such provision is required for the achievement of the usage purposes indicated to the user
  • When providing or publishing statistical data or other forms of data which do not allow for identification of individual users
  • In the event of the shared usage outlined in Item 3. above

❚ 5.Management of User Personal Information

In order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leaking, etc. of personal information, Our Company has implemented a wide range of both required and appropriate safety measures including, but not limited to, establishing, maintaining, and thoroughly publicizing internal regulations related to the handling of personal information; constructing systems for protection against unauthorized external access; encrypting information; restricting access to personal data; implementing training for all personnel involved in handling and processing of personal information; and appointing a Personal Information Protection Manager.
In addition, Our Company also carries out appropriate oversight of all subcontractors and employees who handle personal information, and in cases where personal information will be handled outside of Japan, implements the required and appropriate safety measures with a thorough understanding of the personal information protection related systems, etc. of the relevant country.
For further information on the safety measures implemented by Our Company, please contact us using the information provided under "11. Inquiries".

❚ 6. Requests for Disclose, etc. of Personal Information

Our Company maintains and uses personal information for the scopes and periods required for legal compliance and achievement of the usage purposes, however, via procedures prescribed by Our Company, users or their appointed proxies shall have the right to request disclosure, revision of details, additions or deletions, cessation of usage, or erasure of personal information or records related to personal information provision to third parties, suspension of provision to third parties, and notification of usage purposes. For further details on request procedures, please contact us using the information provided under "11. Inquiries".

In order to prevent impersonation and other false requests, at the time of the request, Our Company will verify the identity of the party making the request through reasonable methods such as requiring the submission of materials which prove the identity of the individual. If all of the items our company specifies as required for identity verification are fulfilled, the relevant request shall be deemed to be a request from the concerned user, and Our Company shall comply with the request, however in the event requests are made by third parties other than the relevant user who have obtained user personal information or identity confirmation materials, Our Company shall not be held liable or responsible for any damages suffered by the relevant user as a result of complying with said requests, except in cases of intentional or serious negligence by Our Company, or when in violation of the Consumer Contracts Act. As such, users should also exercise appropriate care and caution in the handling of their own personal information.

❚ 7. Compliance with Relevant Laws, etc.

Our Company strictly abides by and complies with all Japanese laws related to personal information as well as the guidelines established by the Personal Information Protection Commission, etc.

❚ 8. Changes to this Policy and Notifications

The contents of this policy are subject to change as necessary. It is not possible for Our Company to contact each user individually whenever such changes occur, so please always refer to the version of this policy posted on Our Company website for the latest policy contents.

❚ 9. Cookies

Our Company may use cookies in order to provide users with better service, however these cookies do not collect any information which would allow for the identification of individuals, nor do they in any way otherwise infringe upon the privacy of users. In addition, users may configure their browsers to reject cookies.
*Cookies refer to data sent from server computers and stored on the hard drive of a user's computer.

❚ 10. Security

Our Company website utilizes security features (SSL/TLS) which automatically encrypt information on the internet before transmitting for all transmission of information via forms. Security features may not function correctly if not using a browser which supports TLSv1.2 or higher, so the use of the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge is recommended.

❚ 11. Inquiries

Wood One Co., Ltd., Personnel Affairs Division, User Personal Information Contact
1-1 Mokuzaikominami, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima, 738-8502
Tel: 0829-32-3333 (switchboard)
(Business hours: 8:30 to 17:15 *Excluding weekends, holidays, national holidays, and other company business holidays)

Revision date April 1, 2020